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Please help me save my Dad !

Please help me save my Dad ! image
My dad has Multiple Sclerosis a terrible disease, wich worsens every day. MS is a nerv disease: nerve signals are weakend or no longer make it to the end of the nerves at all. With this disease i have seen my father get weaker and weaker; the doctors say they can't do anything for him anymore. Now it happens that there is a therapy that can help my father!! it's called HSCT (hematopoiëtic Stem Cell Transpantation)


In Holland (where we live) we do not have this therapy, but in Mexico there is!

We would love to go to Mexico and give my dad this opportunity to heal. Unfortunately the costs of this treatment are to high for us to pay. So my parents, sister and I started a crowdfunding action to gather the neccessary € 70.000,=

Our foundation is called Enigeoptie ( and our goal is, as said, to finance my father’s treatment.

I am Aime Bakx, I just turned 20 and I live at home with my mother and father. My big sister no longer lives at home.

My mother works 4 days a week and is always there for us; without her we would be lost.

During the course of the disease (now 13 years) I have seen my father deteriorate: Could he first still walk 10km, then it was only 5km and from those 5km it became only 5 meters. Even that is no longer possible, he is now confined to a wheelchair. 

He is happy when he can get himself into the car seat without one of us lifting him in there.

This process of decline continues every day and is difficult to comprehend.

Fortunately I have a positive attitude, so despite of this difficult situation I have never given up hope.


And now there is the potential to get my dad well again!

My dad,  Gerard Bakx, who went from a jack of all trades to a wheelchair artist.

He has been a 2e dan taekwondo teacher and he still owns his own company Bakx Project Events, where people are motivated to move their bodies, cooperate with each other and push their boundaries to a higher level. The groups he teached, encountered a weird and highly active man who, with his endless positive energy, made every day and weekend into an enormous succes.

In other words he activated, motivated and inspired people and still does.


In skateboarding, which was his greatest passion, he has quite a few records to his name. On his skateboard he seemed to fly; he had an incredibly good balans and was terribly agile and nimble.

It always revolved around the control of the skateboard and the control of his body. A harsh contrast to the way things are now.


This is our story.

Our goal is to gather € 70.000,= to get my dad walking again