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Flora for IED Barcelona!

Flora has got a dream... and so do I, to make that one come true!

First of all, thank you so much for your interest in this project for this very special young ambitious lady, who needs a little bit of help with making her dream of studying her passion come true.

Watch the video to see what this dream is all about!

The opportunity to study at IED Barcelona that Flora has gotten by the scholarship that she won with her project, is such a special one. Without the scholarship the full schoolcosts would make it impossible for her to join the study.

Now that the only obstacle for the realisation of this opportunity is the money for the extra schoolcosts, moving there and start living there, this obstacle should not be allowed to kill the passion here.

Be a hero for Flora and to me by supporting this project with a donation. Every little amount is already very welcome and will help us getting closer to the realisation of Flora her dream.

In return of a donation you will get updated about the outcome of the project and Flora her experiences so far.
Also will the person who gives the highest donation get the opportunity to request a custom made fashion item by Flora as a special thanks!

If you're interested in the project that made Flora win the scholarship, check it out here:


Kind regards,

Flora's Best Friend,

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