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Aloha! CliniClowns & KIKA

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Hello everyone, My name is Adriaan Koenraadt and I'm 32 years old, born and living in the Netherlands. I'm hoping that one of my dreams come true. Can you help me with it? That would be great! The thing is, I would like to enter the Marathon of Honolulu (yes, it's in Hawaii!) in the year 2017. And I would like to raise € 3000,- (this includes € 500,- of my own money). Half of this amount is for the purchase of an airplane-ticket and accommodation. The other half is for charity organisations KIKA and CliniClowns, If you like you can leave me your e-mailadress so I can sent you (once completed) the certificate of donation. Great! Isn't it? Previously I ran the London Virgin Marathon and several other courses. And the Marathon of Honolulu / Hawaii is on the top of my list! You can help me! You can donate anonimously if you want to.

It may be a surprise that a marathon on a small, tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is among the ten largest marathon races in the world. The race is hilly, but runners will experience an amazing sunrise during the race. 

The Honolulu runners will end their hardships in Kapiolani Park near the volcanic crater, Diamond Head. Kapiolani Park was the state’s first public park and it remains one of the most frequented recreational areas in the city. On race day the park is transformed to a joyful festival with an award ceremony, shiatsu massage and nearly 50,000 spectators celebrating the tired but euphoric finishers. Before reaching Kapiolani Park, runners have passed several famous Hawaiian landmarks such as Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the US. And also the statue of surfing hero Duke Kahanamoku on surfing heaven Waikiki Beach and Kawaiahao Church, built with coral blocks from nearby reefs. The course is relatively flat with a large part of it following the magnificent Pacific coastline. A climb occurs at Diamond Head, which runners pass twice along the way. The highest point is 38m above sea level and with the burning sun and oppressive humidity, the course can be quite challenging. 

If you have any question please feel free to contact me using the following e-mail adress:

Beste Regards,

Adriaan Koenraadt

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