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    Well, I hope you two will have fun, and I hope this will work! If you make it to Sweden, I can be your guide.

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hey! we are a couple with dreams, our biggest dream is to go around the world, no matter how long it takes. the first country that we want to visit is ireland en england. but with travel comes a price, and since we can't pay it easely we need you guys to help us to go around the world! the more you donate the further we can go! we will post vlogs and pictures on a site. so you can see the beautifull landscapes. now, i want to surprise my girlfriend with this trip, because SHE wants to go around the world. so actually this is a surprise for her. (she does not know i posted this) that is why we need YOU to donate!

here are the goals

9000 euros for flight and hotels.

ireland-england (9000)

and if donated more.

ireland-england-iceland-faroë island- norway-sweden-finland

who know`s how far we can go!