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Starving in Indonesia

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Orphanages in Indonesia having a hard time. Their caretakers struggle on a daily basis to provide a safe place to sleep and eat for everyone. These children are in need of some help.

In 2017 are we taking our journey to Indonesia. It’s Nadine’s first time in Asia and she got pretty excited about helping out overseas. We would like to focus on multiple orphanages based on Java. Our goal is to visit several orphanages to help out for a short period of time. Providing basics like food etc. 

Besides providing the basics, we would like for these kids to enjoy an nice American style barbeque for example.

Although this sounds great! We are a bit concerned about helping out while being untrained and unexperienced while being in contact with very vulnerable children. So we will provide help in a short period of time to avoid any deep connections with children who will see us leave again. We also like to use the result of our fundraising by ourselves without donating money to the orphanages. Even though our concerns, we think there is a positive effect of showing our love for the world.

Unfortunately haven’t we won the lottery yet, so we can really use some help funding our cause.

Please help and donate if you have anything to spare.