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    Heel veel succes Gwynn en Loraine met dit interessante onderzoek! Ik bewonder jullie ambitie om cross cultural onderzoek te doen, op mensen als jullie zit de wereld te wachten in deze 21 ste eeuw! Ben heel benieuwd naar de uitkomsten en de presentatie van het onderzoek. en......dit kan ik even niet laten........ben van het kennis delen zoals je weet (Gwynn)...... Misschien heb je nog iets aan deze link, Frans Jorna is een kennis en een boeiende gesprekspartner over de 'slimme stad' (de stad is niet slim de mensen zijn slim is zijn credo!) zal hem op de hoogte stellen van dit initiatief http://www.hiemstraendevries.nl/ons-bureau/mensen/50-frans-jorna https://www.saxion.nl/wps/wcm/connect/c8261bae-af40-4381-aa21- 32f8371d84b2/Lectorale+Rede+Frans+Jorna+-+Open+by+Design.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=c8261bae-af40-4381-aa21-32f8371d84b2 Een heel goede samenwerking gewenst en ga die bergen over voor het mooie uitzicht!!! (cliché cliché) ............. Liefs Foka

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    Veel succes en als jullie nog een cameraman nodig hebben..........

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    Boa sorte em Lisboa!! beijinhos

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Research Amsterdam - Lisbon

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Hi!! We are Loraine and Gwynn and we want to research bottom up initiatives in Amsterdam and Lisbon

Hii guys!

Firstly we would like to introduce ourselves and our amazing research, please read on! By reading our text we hope to take you on a journey through our research and we hope that you get enthusiastic enough to support.    

We are Gwynn and Loraine, two students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Hogeschool of Amsterdam (HvA). Here we study Cultural and Social Development (HvA) and Urban Planning and Human Geography (UvA). We are currently working on our thesis about bottom- up initiatives. In the last years there has been an increase of different initiatives that are actively engaged in het livability of their cities. Some say our city is in ´transition’, as for other European cities. We have seen this in practice and seen the positive effects that it has on the community. There has been done some research in this process of ´city making’. The conclusion is often that bottom- up initiatives had a positive effect on different levels in society. On micro, meso and macro level.   

We want to make a contribution help making this a stronger movement. We want to look at the possibilities of uniting different bottom- up initiatives on a local and perhaps global scale. We think research in this subject is a vital next step for the growing of this movement. This study will be a case study research in a neighborhood in Amsterdam and in Lisbon. For this research we want to interview some interesting people that are currently operating in this field or people who are experts on this subject. We are also planning to set up two focus groups, one in Amsterdam and one in Lisbon. In these focus groups we want to bring together different ´city makers´, citizens, professors or experts and civil servants. With these people we will look at the possibilities of uniting bottom- up initiatives and together we will work on a plan for this.  

We will document our findings in a rapport and give a presentation about the findings at Pakhuis de Zwijger in january.We started this crowdfund because we would like to make the most out of this research.  

With the money that we raise we will be able to pay an interpreter, our flights and a small part of our accommodation. We would also like to document our findings by making a documentary. If we raise enough money we can cover the cost of the flight and accommodation of the filmmaker. 

If we raise: 

€100,- we can pay a interpreter

€350,- will cover our flights and a part of the accommodation (we will stay in a hostel where we can work a few hours in exchange to sleep there)

€350,- will cover the cost of the flight, accommodation and a small fee for the filmmaker   

Floortje Opbroek from pakhuis de zwijger will be our external critic. We will also create some content for their platform. On this website we will post about our findings in Amsterdam and Lisbon.  

If you choose to make a donation you will receive an invitation to our presentation in Pakhuis de Zwijger and we will send you a copy of our thesis. If we are able to make a documentary your name will be mentioned in the end credits. Also, if you are interested and send us your contact information, we will send you a postcard from Lisbon.   

Will be happy with every little donation because it will take us closer to a stressless research and more focus. We think this research, by exchanging knowledge in different countries and cultures, will bring a lot of value to both Amsterdam and Lisbon. Maybe it can even be an example to more cities all over the world.      

For more background information:



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