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AUB Help onze vriend!!!

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Hello people, We are Dovydas and Alexandra, We would like to ask you to fullfill a dream of someone I know ..This person at this moment is in a very hard situation.. almost a deadend. Completely accidentally i found this fundraising site and i saw how much good things are funded here..Wow...incredible..People are helping total strangers and i thought- thats the place where we can find help for our friend.

We  know this  guy for many years- he grew up without parents- just with his grandmother.He was decent guy who studied, worked, took care of his grandma.

He  was a nice, compassionate person.He married , had 2 kids.

But like in the most situations- troubles come unexpectedly.

His wife while he was in the businesstrips  overseas   was cheating on him with another man and also asked for divorce. But before they divorce she told him that she  was  HIV positive  and he should check himself too. He did ...and he was HIV positive..

He was in shock..Divorce, betrayal,and such a "goodbye  present" from his wife.

For many people such a diagnosis means  the end of life, even we know that with the right treatment  they can live for years..My friend became very depressive and didnt stop asking- why me? How did i deserve it? His life started to fall apart.

He worked , even had a small company.And because he was so depressed and ashamed to tell anyone  about his condition or even go to hospital for treatment  he  was trying to live his life like happened. He was trying to hide  this from people around him, and thats why nobody knew what was going on.Some friends knew that and they just stoped talking to him and broke up all contacts.Somehow at his work people also founded out that he is sick and he got fired for some stupid reason.

Because of a heavy depression he could not find a job, and things became even worse- he lost his house- he got evicted  because  he could not pay it anymore.Guilts to people, bank.. everywhere... he could not pay  even  his insurrance anymore.Totally broken.. mentally and physically..and  completely alone. He was even  living on the street for some time...

One of my friends saw him by accident on the street and barely recognized him-from a young sportive guy to this...?.He  was horribly dressed and looked  like an old man.He was shocked so he called all people who knew him and asked for help.

We all asked him- why  you didnt say anything?He said- I was and i am so ashamed  and emberrased  to ask for help..I was ashamed that i let this  happen to me...He was  heartbroken.

So we started to arrange this for him as a doctor, place to sleep, food...But we couldnt do much.. and it was just temporary solution...This man has to start his life from scratch...and without our help( and maybe you guys can  help too) he is not going to make it.

He didnt see his kids for 3 years..He doesnt have a house to live, job, insurrance... he has nothing.. He needs to be treated  from HIV and hepatitis... and medicines  for his diagnosis cost around 1000 per month  if you dont have insurrance.

We do what we can but the costs are too high.. so that why we ask for your help and support. We would really appreciate it if you could donate even a bit for our cause.

We started this fundraising for him coz we believe that everyone deserves a second chance.. and nobody deserves  to die on the street like a dog...We want to make him feel good and needed.. to show him that  not all people are heartless.. and that there are so many people who really care...

We will not share  his name  in facebook because  it will make the situation  even worse..and its a very delicate matter... shame and emberrasement caused all this troubles in the first place.

We want to help him to start a new life: visit his kids( they live in other country), arrange a house for him,pay off his guilts  and get funds for his medical treatments.If even one of goals will be achieved- that will mean the world to him.

Maybe our goal is too big... but at least we try to do something good.. We are going to do our best.. Wish us a good luck and  we hope you can join  us in our mission.

Thanks you all for your time and reading this.. We will appreciate so much if you could help us even with a bit.

Best regards,

Dovydas  and  Alexandra