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Support Dream of an MBA

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Hi there, It's great to see you visiting my Crowd Funding page! So let’s start with the introductions. My name is Naiomy Veldink a Dutch graduate as of 2014, with a first in my Bachelors of Business Administration degree. It has always been my ambition to continue my education with a Masters of Business Administration focusing on Strategy in an international environment. I have saved some money, but it won’t be enough to cover the fee’s. Friends and family have suggested I start a support campaign, I really hope that you too can support me in helping me fund my tuition fees!

After graduating from my university in The Netherlands I chose to pursue professional work experience whilst we were undergoing economic times of recession. As you can understand this was very challenging and it wasn't easy getting a job during these tough times. I have had many downfalls in both my academic and professional career, all of which have caused me to sacrifice my health but nevertheless I am still grateful for as they have strengthened me. The failures I have made so far have fortified my understandings and showed that life in itself teaches us valuable lessons every day in which no matter your educational background, personal health issues or even upsetting family problems anyone can succeed if they focus on what is important! 

Now, I have equipped myself with valuable knowledge, it’s time to make my dream come true; Studying a Masters Degree!
To combine my ambition for an international competitive and interactive environment, I believe London will be the best place to study my Masters degree. 
Last year I had dedicated a lot of my spare time (after a 50 hour working week) in researching different courses and applying for several universities and scholarships.


The university applications for MBA's were resulting in some course offers, unfortunately I didn’t received a tuition fee waiver from any of the universities. Due to the overly competitive nature of Master degrees (especially in London) it has become nigh impossible for a student to be awarded a scholarship. It is a predicament of which highly capable students who come from less wealthy backgrounds (such as myself) are pitted against each other in the hopes of winning the lottery so to speak, to fulfill their aspirations of attaining a Masters and getting that life changing dream Job. 

I have saved some money, but it won’t be enough to cover the fee’s. Friends and family have suggested I start a support campaign, I really hope that you too can support me in helping me fund my tuition fees!

For those who don’t know me, I am blessed by my achievements and understand that a Bachelors degree is respectable in this day and age, however I have had to fight for the opportunity due to my Dyslexia and my background of medical conditions. Albeit being told from a young age that my medical condition is life-long (not to turn this into a sob story) I have sacrificed a lot of my spare time from childhood till present day, in focusing upon my Academia and making myself, my family and friends proud!

I have been able to take part in exchange projects to Ukraine and the United Kingdom during my Bachelors degree, which truly has broadened my view and honed my skills in becoming  a future inspirational business leader, especially for those with learning difficulties such as myself (Dyslexia).  I was granted many opportunities to develop myself successfully in an international environment by partaking in; internships, coaching international students in addition to being a student representative, the first point of contact for anyone wishing to understand the student experience and educational queries for the college or university.  

What I wish to achieve

  • A Masters degree will enable me to gain more specific professional insights whilst also striving for academic excellence. A Masters focusing on Business strategy is the perfect match as it would challenge me to broaden my analytical skills.
  • I am aware that more sacrifices  will be required of me along the way (due to my Dyslexia causing me to take longer than your average student) but I am determined to proceed with completing my desired Masters Degree.  Getting out of my comfort zone will bring me to a higher level of Business acumen and will enhance my learning curve. I also wish to focus upon my cultural understanding of Business in Great Britain, a culture you can only truly understand once you have lived  in that Country. 

By donating you will help with: 

  • Starting and successfully completing my desired degree, which I will use to coach and mentor other students to excel. I am specifically interested in helping people with learning difficulties like myself, to succeed!  It may take some extra effort, but in the end it will result in wonderful creative solutions. Nobody is average we are all unique.
  • Focus solely on my studies, without being distracted by a menial part time job to pay off the insurmountable tuition fees associated with any Business Masters degree in the UK. With the tuition fees paid off, I can devote all my time to the course to get everything out of it and come up with creative and unconventional solutions.  
  • Networking is therefore essential as this is the way to meet other inspirational people.
  • Giving back to the society as my long term goal is to start a "Foundation to help people with learning difficulties".

Experience how it is to have Dyslexia 

Finally for those of you who don't see how Dyslexia (or any learning difficulty) could be so troublesome, go ahead and see for yourself. See the Daily Mail below.

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''Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'' - Nelson Mandela


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